You have the Power to conquer adversity and change your life. Everything you need lies within you.

"God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind."

2 Timothy 1:7


“I inspire people to access their power to empower themselves to conquer adversity and push forward in their lives with purpose, faith and the ability to accomplish their goals.”

Sharon is an impactful, passionate, inspirational speaker and empowerment workshop facilitator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications and liberal studies and an Associate of Arts in arts and humanities from Pace University. She enjoys inspiring people by preparing them to use their power to conquer adversity and accomplish their goals. As an author, she shares her personal story of witnessing domestic violence and the death of her mother by her father in her book, “Elizabeth’s Daughter: There’s Power in Adversity” as well as other insurmountable difficulties she conquered in her life to inspire people to never give up on themselves despite difficulties they face. She knows the significance of possessing the tools necessary to triumph over adversity and she’s keenly aware of her purpose: to share her story to impart wisdom, insight and empower people to overcome adversity through her You’ve Got the Power to Overcome Adversity Workshop. Sharon shares specific, actionable life-changing strategies that people can use to push forward in their lives, as she has demonstrated in her own life, to overcome adversity. She offers an effective Plan of Action Empowerment Power Kit that positions people on the right track to accomplish their goals and live life with purpose, faith and power! People who attend the Power Workshop and do the work necessary can transform their lives by applying effective steps to conquer adversity and achieve their goals.

Sharon’s also volunteers her time and talents as a domestic violence intervention advocate, a mentor and is a proud single mother to her son, a Harvard University graduate and Yale Law School student.

More about Sharon

  • Featured on Women Speakers Association TV’s Women of Influence and Impact Inspiring Global Transformation

  • She offers an effective teen empowerment workshop that focuses on goal setting strategy, accountability, responsibility, character and self-confidence building, among other teen topics

  • Awarded Certificate of Recognition from Bergen/Passaic Chapter of The National Coalition of 100 Black Women for her outstanding participation in Adopt-A-School Education Symposium and conducting a successful teen empowerment workshop at a New Jersey high school.

  • Hosted Gyroscope Media Group’s radio talk show, Sharon Speaks Power, on how listeners can empower themselves from the pain of adversity

  • Sought after to speak and recognized by the Recreational Specialist and Shift Supervisor, Sonya Davie, LMHC, Certified Health & Life Coach of The Henry Street Settlement Women’s Residence in New York City for conducting her successful You’ve Got the Power to Overcome Adversity Workshop and is a recurring speaker

  • Served on the Board of Directors of TADA!, a New York City non-profit youth development and theater arts organization and served as a public speaker at TADA! fundraisers to raise awareness about the importance of theater arts for healthy development of the youth


Adversity is an integral part of life

Adversity can sidetrack people, cause them to fall down, and lose their focus. Everyone will experience adversity.  It affects the human spirit and can negatively impact your life placing you in a state of unhappiness, low self-esteem, fear, discouragement, confusion, frustration, anger or shame.  However, adversity can also empower you to push forward in your life to do great things but you may need some help.  Advancing through adversity can be difficult.  I know firsthand about the pain of adversity and what it can do to a person.  However, I also know firsthand from my experiences that there is power and purpose in the pain of adversity that can lift you up to push you forward.


What challenges are you facing in your life that are holding you back? 

What is your adversity?

 What do you want to do with your life?


Over the years, adversity has taught me valuable lessons that I have poured into my You’ve Got the Power: Overcoming Adversity Workshop for one purpose:  to empower people; to help people successfully advance through and overcome difficult life challenges because I believe that every person has a purpose to fulfill and do great things with their life.  However, many people don’t realize that there is power and purpose in their pain or how to access that power to push them forward.

The Power Workshop is designed with an effective Plan of Action Empowerment Kit (“POA Kit”)  for every person, young and old, because no one is immune to adversity.  The POA Kit is packed with a set of life skills, tools and strategies to empower people to transform their adversity into a wonderful opportunity to overcome their personal challenges and achieve their goals in life whatever they may be.  All of the tips, tools and exercises in the POA Kit I have applied to my own life and still apply them today because they work.  In addition, I offer a Teen Empowerment Workshop that focuses on developing goal setting strategies, providing teens with an understanding of accountability, responsibility and character building.  Teens face challenges as well and they deserve to be empowered to successfully reach their full potential to achieve their goals.  It's important for teens to learn that adversity does not define who they are and they have the power to overcome their challenges.  

I want my story to inspire people.  Nothing is more rewarding than having people inform me that my story and the Power Workshop transformed their lives.  

Don't allow adversity to pull you away from your purpose.  Take the first step toward victory and book a Power Workshop today for an organization, non-profit group, high school students, college students, young adults, youth group, mentoring program,  adult women, single mothers, adult men, single fathers or a private one-on-one session.  Contact me.  I want to hear from you.  You’ve Got the Power!


Plan of Action (POA) Empowerment Workshop

The POA Empowerment Workshop is a hands-on, interactive experience that provides clients (young and older adult men and women, single moms and dads, teen boys and girls), who are willing to do the work, with a set of life changing, power tips, tools, and actionable strategies that empowers you to push forward, overcome adversity, personal challenges, devise a goal setting strategy, accomplish new goals, evaluate your progress, and realize your vision in expectation of a bountiful harvest to live life with purpose, faith and power as a result of your hard work during and after the Power Workshop.

Overcome Adversity POA Empowerment Workshop

  • Speaker Introduction

  • Distribution of POA Empowerment Kit

  • Overcoming Adversity PowerPoint Presentation

  • Setting New Goals:  POA Empowerment Workshop Exercise

    • goal setting strategy

    • progress assessment

    • self-accountability report

    • power journaling

  • Harvest Realization:  POA Empowerment Workshop Exercise

    • create harvest vision

  • Q&A

  • Closing

Teen Empowerment Workshop

  • Goal Setting Strategy

  • Harvest & Vision Realization

  • Accountability & Responsibility

  • Character & Self-Confidence Building

  • Walk of Truth Exercise

  • Lessons Learned



Plan of Action Empowerment Kits - Women & Girls

Power Kit 4 Best.jpg

Plan of Action Empowerment Kit - Women & Girls

Power Kit 6 Best.jpg

Power Workshop Attendee Using Her Plan of Action Empowerment Kit to Set and Achieve New Goals

Power Kit 1.jpg

Plan of Action Empowerment Kit

Power Kit 5 Best.jpg

Plan of Action Empowerment Kit - Men & Boys

Power Women.jpg

Power Women Empowerment Workshop Attendees


Teen Empowerment Workshop Attendee - Completed his Vision Board

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