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"God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)


Sharon Alston-Harmon was born in Harlem, New York and raised by her maternal grandmother.  She was born into severe adversity.  Sadly, from age 4 to 7, she witnessed violent domestic abuse and the brutal killing of her mother by her father.  Although Sharon’s grandmother provided her with a good life and solid upbringing, growing up Sharon struggled in her personal life.  She suffered silently from emotional pain that stemmed from witnessing the abuse and death of her mother, abandonment from growing up without her parents, and shame due to having a father who killed her mother and the resulting family turmoil that it caused.  As Sharon progressed through life, she fell down many times but each time she fell down, she got back up.  To push through her adversity, she worked on strengthening her emotional health, developing her inner spiritual self and cultivating her personal growth.  Sharon learned valuable lessons from her pain and missteps brought on by adversity.  She was determined not to give up on herself.

After losing interest in high school and failing to graduate on time with her class, she realized her missteps, returned and graduated.  Sharon went on to attend college and earned an Associates of Arts in Arts & Humanities.  Later, she married and gave birth to a beautiful son.  Unfortunately, marriage presented another difficult challenge for her to overcome.  Her husband, due to his drug abuse, abandoned them thrusting Sharon into single parenthood to raise her 4 year old son on her own.  As a single mom, she relied on her faith and poured her energy into raising her son, who she considers her most cherished blessing and greatest accomplishment.

Despite Sharon’s difficult challenges, she held tightly onto strong personal values she learned from her grandmother.  Faith, perseverance, hard work, education, community service, trustworthiness and self-respect are hallmarks of her success in overcoming her adversities.  Sharon is an outspoken woman of faith, a self-motivator, a true fighter and survivor who knows plenty about overcoming adversity.  She realizes the significance of possessing the tools necessary to triumph over difficulties.   Most importantly, Sharon is keenly aware of the purpose God placed in her heart: to share her story, impart wisdom and insight to empower others.  She is very passionate about her purpose and is aware it can make a huge positive impact that can transform the lives of many people.  Sharon is excited to empower people to use their power to overcome adversity in order to achieve their goals.

After raising her son then sending him off to college, Sharon resumed her education and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies & Communications from Pace University Dyson College of Arts & Sciences in New York City and earned Honors placing her on the Dyson College Dean’s List.  Sharon is an impactful speaker.  She is an associate member of Women Speakers Association and a National Speakers Association academy member.  She served on the Board of Directors at TADA!, a New York City non-profit youth development and theater arts organization.  She was a public speaker at TADA! fundraising events to raise awareness about the benefits of theater arts as it relates to healthy youth development.  Sharon also volunteers her time and talents with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City as a mentor and with Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates in New Jersey as a volunteer working against domestic violence.

Sharon created and conducted her very successful You’ve Got the Power to Overcome Adversity Workshop at The Henry Street Settlement Women’s Residence in New York City where the Shift Supervisor informed her that her Power Workshop was extremely empowering for all of the women.  The Recreational Specialist also stated, "Sharon was awesome and I'm taking the plan of action empowerment kit home that she distributed to complete the exercises myself.  Her empowerment kit is great!"  

One of the women who attended the workshop followed Sharon's instructions on how to set new goals and follow through on achieving them.  The woman attendee visited a local library immediately after the workshop.  She withdrew three reference books to assist her in accomplishing her goal of returning to college.  This is power in action of a client who applied what she learned to conquer her adversity after attending Sharon's Power Workshop.  

In addition, as a single mom, Sharon was inspired to create a teen empowerment workshop that focuses on goal setting strategies to provide teens with an understanding of accountability, responsibility and time management, among other workshop topics.  She strongly believes that every teenager deserves to be affirmed and empowered to reach their full potential.  Recently, Sharon conducted her successful Teen Power Workshop at Teaneck High School in Teaneck, New Jersey and was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from The National Coalition of 100 Black Women for her outstanding participation in their Adopt-A-School Education Symposium.  

Formerly, Sharon hosted a one hour online radio talk show, Sharon Speaks Power, at Gyroscope Media Group studio in Paterson, New Jersey.  Sharon Speaks Power-GS Radio's platform focused on empowerment that provided people with positive content that uplifted, informed and empowered them to successfully push forward to overcome adversity, as well as, set and achieve new goals and live life with purpose, faith and power.  Sharon interviewed an amazing guest every Saturday who shared their story of facing and conquering an adversity or personal challenge as well as discussed their profession to encourage others to pursue their dreams. 

Last but not least, Sharon is writing her first book,  "Elizabeth’s Daughter:  There's Power in Adversity," an inspiring memoir about overcoming adversity.  To book Sharon to speak, host an event or conduct a Power Workshop, please click Contact on the menu and complete form to receive a reply within 24 hours from Sharon. 

Sharon is a resident in the state of New Jersey.  She's a proud single-mom of a Harvard University graduate and her son will be attending Yale Law School.


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Power Mom & Son Team!  Yes we did that!  2017 Harvard Graduate.


When we speak power into the lives of our children, especially our sons, all things are possible.  Needless to say, I'm very proud of my son!

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It's never too late and you're never too old to set a new goal.


Was honored to be recognized by NCBW Bergen/Passaic and Teaneck Public Schools.

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Conducted a phenomenal Teen Power Workshop at Teaneck High School, Teaneck, NJ.

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I Love being a Big!  Been rocking with BBBS-NYC since 2014 and there's no better way to use my Power than mentoring a kid!